Protect Your Home From The Sun!

House in Vail, AZ

Vail Arizona Exterior Painting – This house was approximately 2,100 sq/ft and had vaulted ceilings.  It was built 9 years ago and already needed a new paint job.  We are seeing this situation a lot where houses in newer developments need repainted.

This can be a combination of a lot of things.  Often times the home builders are in a rush to complete the project and they will start painting the house before the stucco is dry. They sometimes don’t use quality paint to cut corners and save money.  On top of that the Arizona sun is brutal on everything including the paint on your house.  With this house there was also a fair amount of prep work that needed to be done to protect the fascia boards.  We take our time and don’t cut corners to ensure top notch work.

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