We Fixed More Rental Investor Nightmares!

Tucson House Painting

Tucson House Painting – We see a lot of rental investors frustrated with the state of their properties after the renters suddenly vanish without notice.  They are frustrated for good reason. Their renters just left with a chunk of the owner’s equity.

With this particular project you can chalk up several more items to the rental investor nightmare list. The issues with flat paint were detailed on the last post and the following are being added.

  • Flat Paint (See Last Post)
  • Cats Who Aren’t House Trained
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Renters Who Don’t Care

If you watch the video you can clearly see that the pets were making a mess out of the carpet. As a rental investor you might not have a choice initially.  If you get a good deal and the house has carpet, why would you replace it until it is in bad shape?  It really wouldn’t make sense.  But if you bought a house that had the flooring already ripped up and you knew you were purchasing the house as a rental I wouldn’t chose carpet.  Go with tile or linoleum.  Even laminate flooring would be a better choice than carpet but pet pee can get through the cracks on that type of flooring.

Cat pee is way more damaging than dog pee. It is extremely hard to get the smell out of the house because it soaks into the cement.  We were contracted to tear out the carpet which is only the first step to getting the smell out.  As far as the walls are concerned you will need to clean them from the ground to about 3 to 4 foot up.  If the situation is really bad you need to use an industrial strength cleaner like TSP.

On top of that the owners somehow put all types of holes in the walls.  It was like they tried to hang a picture about 50 different times and then decided they didn’t like the picture on that wall and then tried to hang a flat screen TV mount messing up about 30 more times.  Then they preceded to make the same mistake in every other room.  On top of that they cut a hole in the drywall to link two bedrooms together.  We can only speculate, but we think it was so the cats could pass from one room to another when they wanted.

Ultimately we got the walls looking like new!  After the tile contractor finishes his work the house will be ready to sell, live in, or rent out again.

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