We Rescued Another Paint Job Gone Wrong!

Tucson AZ Interior Painting

Tucson AZ Interior Painting - They said they had 35 years of experience, but experience doesn’t always mean a quality job.  This isn’t the first paint job we have had to rescue and it won’t be the last!

Shame on this other company of “bush leaguers” to slop paint all over the place in this decorated war hero’s house.  The owner kicked them out after they claimed to be finished with the upstairs, but in reality there was sloppy edging, paint all over the carpets, runs galore, and a mountain of other issues with the paint job.  Rock Bottom Painting was called in to finish the job and correct what the scrubs messed up.  Particular attention to detail had to be taken since there was a sharp contrast between the wall color and ceiling/baseboard paint.  When painters from other companies are trying to finish a job before lunch, we are treating any home like it is a $30 Million dollar mansion and doing the absolute best job humanly possible!

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