Flat Paint Is A Nightmare For A Rental Investor!

Interior Painting Tucson Arizona

Interior Painting Tucson Arizona – Flat paint is typically used on ceilings which usually isn’t a problem since the ceiling is rarely touched or rubbed up against by people or pets.

During the housing boom, here in Arizona, some of the home builders were throwing houses up so fast that painting the walls and the ceiling with different paint wasn’t an option because it would slow the project down.  So these home builders decided to just spray both the ceilings and walls with flat paint.  In this particular home we were painting, renters had lived in the house and had several kids and pets so the walls got dirty and since it was a flat paint the walls couldn’t be scrubbed clean.  If you try to scrub flat paint you are unlikely to really clean any of the dirt off.  Unfortunately once the walls get dirty you are pretty much going to have to repaint everything.  Since the owner wanted to still use this house as a rental we suggested that the walls be painted with a semi-gloss paint so that the walls could be more easily scrubbed down.

Also in these new build houses we are seeing a lot of cracking that shouldn’t be happening for a house that is only five years old.  The home builder was rushing through the project and who ever was doing the drywall wasn’t putting enough coats of joint compound over the joints.  This caused the drywall tape to show through in a lot of spots.  We repaired all the cracks and miscellaneous other problems before we applied fresh coats of paint.  Below is another before and after picture to show you how dirty the walls were before we started.  Click on it for a better view.


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